Thought of a quote today, and which is relevant to this site..So I figured I would share.
The best way to hurt someone is not through words or physical harm, its by accomplishing everything they said you never would!There is hope out there, dont loose sight of it. When you loose that sight, your allowing all the negative people in your life win, bringing you down. Brush it off, ignore it and move on. As I know all too well, it is hard, very hard, but you will get to where your going. "Think happy thoughts!"
I'm so excited to share with all of you that we are **ALMOST** fully on board with the Insane Store!!! I spoke with Partner #3 and we have come up with some really good ideas and will hopefully have some items posted by the end of next week!! Good things come to those who wait, and the 3 of us have by all means been as patient as they come!! Stay tuned for the updates and changes to the site and store!!

Be sure to share the page and tell all your insane mommies to come visit the site!!
Today my sons father took him to get his hair cut. I was upset beings i was not there and it was the first one. Doesnt seem like a big deal to some but it really upset me for a few minutes. What is your take on a childs first haircut? Should both parents be there? Does it really matter? I was not invited to my oldest daughters first haircut. The grandmother (her dads mom) took her without even checking with me first. Yes that beyond irritated me. My son, I took without his dad. He doesnt care for his son too much so he didnt care either way. My 2 years, well she hasnt had a haircut yet and her dad dont care about her, his words exactly, so i guess hers wouldnt matter if he wasnt there. Had I of taken the baby without his dad world war III would have been started. I suppose thats the maturity on my end. I dont really know. How do you see the babies first haircut?
Things are looking up for us :) We have a new addition on board and I am so excited for the things she will be bringing to the table. Stay tuned as we continue to get this all put together and ready for all of you!

God is answering our prayers. 

-The Insane Mommy
Ive been out of commission for a few days. My children are driving me insane...surprise :) Still trying to get the website finished, but hit a snag. It is okay, I'll get there. Dont forget to come back to the site often, there are changes made daily..for the most part.
Make yourself at home here. I am working hard to get the site up and running. The facebook page is not much yet, but I'm working on that too :) Hope you enjoy and come back soon!!

Tell me, what makes YOU an insane mommy?
For me, it's my children. It is, however, a good insane with just a touch of bad.  I have 4 rugrats that keep me on my toes. Let's do this mom, Let's do that! I am running four different directions doing 4 different activities plus those of my own. It drives me crazy at times, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

The Insane Mommy