Things are looking up for us :) We have a new addition on board and I am so excited for the things she will be bringing to the table. Stay tuned as we continue to get this all put together and ready for all of you!

God is answering our prayers. 

-The Insane Mommy
Make yourself at home here. I am working hard to get the site up and running. The facebook page is not much yet, but I'm working on that too :) Hope you enjoy and come back soon!!

Tell me, what makes YOU an insane mommy?
For me, it's my children. It is, however, a good insane with just a touch of bad.  I have 4 rugrats that keep me on my toes. Let's do this mom, Let's do that! I am running four different directions doing 4 different activities plus those of my own. It drives me crazy at times, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

The Insane Mommy