Today my sons father took him to get his hair cut. I was upset beings i was not there and it was the first one. Doesnt seem like a big deal to some but it really upset me for a few minutes. What is your take on a childs first haircut? Should both parents be there? Does it really matter? I was not invited to my oldest daughters first haircut. The grandmother (her dads mom) took her without even checking with me first. Yes that beyond irritated me. My son, I took without his dad. He doesnt care for his son too much so he didnt care either way. My 2 years, well she hasnt had a haircut yet and her dad dont care about her, his words exactly, so i guess hers wouldnt matter if he wasnt there. Had I of taken the baby without his dad world war III would have been started. I suppose thats the maturity on my end. I dont really know. How do you see the babies first haircut?

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